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The 39th European Congress in York, England
1. bis 6. August 2022:
Healing Oneself - Healing the World

The 39th European Congress of the Theosophical Congress will take place from 1st to 6th of August 2022 in York, England. The venue will be the Exhibition Centre of York University. The theme of the 39th European Congress is Healing Oneself, Healing the World.

It will be possible to depart two days after the programme.
Infos und Anmeldung:

ITC Naarden, NL
International Seminar in English: Members of our TS-Adyar and others come from all over Europe and sometimes from beyond. The level of the speakers is always high, and these are always inspiring days where we enjoy meeting theosophists from other countries and where international contacts are made.

Retreat in English: Information about this also via the aforementioned link, you can register for this with the same registrationform as for the seminar. You can experience both, but also each separately, whatever you want.
More information about the center itself

School of the Wisdom 2022

January 10, 2022 - 17:30 to January 21, 2022 - 17:30 Prof. P. Krishna: Right: "Living in Modern Society"
February 7, 2022 - 18:00 to February 18, 2022 - 18:00 Dr. Esteban R. Langlois: "La Teosofia en sus fuentes: las grandes enseñanzas de la Filosofía Esotérica a través de la religiones y filosofías de la antigüedad"
March 7, 2022 - 13:30 to March 18, 2022 - 15:30 Ricardo Lindemann: "El Yoga-Sūtra como Ciencia del Autoconocimiento: Un Enfoque Teosófico"


146. International Convention 2021 - wieder online!
vom 27. bis 30. Dezember
Thema: "Living in the Now: Challenges of Inner Life"
"Im Jetzt leben: Herausforderungen des Inneren Lebens"

Die Convention wird live übertragen. Es gibt auch wieder die Möglichkeit, zwischen dem englischem Original und einer deutschen Parall-Übersetzung zu wählen.
Details folgen, sobald bekannt, ebenso das genaue Programm.

School of the Wisdom 2021

Fellow members of the TS,
We are delighted to present the new online programme of The School of the Wisdom (SOW) for
October-21, with Ven. Olande Ananda Thera on Mindfulness in Daily Life;
November-21, with Linda and Pedro Oliveira, on The Voice of the Silence: Inner Preparation for the Bodhisattva Path;
January-22, with Prof. P. Krishna on Right Living in Modern Society.
The sessions are held in the English language. In February and March 2022, there will be two sessions in the Spanish language; to be announced shortly.
The SOW is meant for members of the Theosophical Society to deepen their understanding in theosophy, making it a living force in daily life.
The SOW was inaugurated in 1949 by C. Jinarajadasa, the fourth International President of the TS, to revive the 1926 Adyar School initiated by Annie Besant. This school was named Brahamvidyā Āśrama, which has almost the same meaning as the School of the Wisdom.
For more information about the SOW sessions visit this link:

Erica Georgiades
Director of the School of the Wisdom


European School of Theosophy
12 to 17 October 2020: The Mystery of Consciousness

We are glad to inform the European School of Theosophy 2020 will not be cancelled. However, due to COVID-19. the EuST will take place online only. The programme will be announced shortly.

Some of the confirmed guest speakers are:
Rupert Sheldrake, PhD,
Dr P. Krishna, PhD,
Dr Edi Bilimoria, PhD,
Dr William Bill Quinn, PhD
Dr James Santucci, PhD,
Dr Tim Rudboeg, PhD,

School of the Wisdom
17 - 26 November 2020, Director Fernando A. de Torrijos
Four Stages of Mindfulness: A secure path to the alleviation of suffering
Three days a week using Zoom - Sessions IN ENGLISH

International Convention 2020 as Online Video-Conference
December 27. to 30.: Cycles of Awareness

The four-day Annual Convention will be held Online via video-conference. Each day is dedicated to different regions of the world allowing participation from different time-zones. This will permit participants from all four corners of the globe to attend.
Specific details will follow later, also concerning the School of The Wisdom.


The School of the Wisdom in Adyar 2019/2020
nur für Mitglieder; Anmeldung über die GS erforderlich; Seminarsprache ist Englisch.
Die Kurse:
18.– 29.11.19:        Thema folgt, Dr. Jose Foglia
02.– 13.12.19:        ‘Discovering Dialogue – In Freedom From The Known’, Mr. Paul Smith
09.– 22.01.20:        ‚Deeper into Meditation‘, Ven. Olande Ananda
27.01.– 07.02.20:   ‘Key Teachings in The Secret Doctrine and Their Relevance Today'
                                  Mrs. Elena Dovalsantos
19.11.- 30.11.:        Mr. Pablo Sender, USA: 'Higher Consciousness - Its Nature and Awakenig'
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International Convention 2019/2020
Die Jährliche internationale Convention findet dieses Jahr in Varanasi, Nordindien statt!
31.12.2019– 05.01.2020: 144th Annual Convention ‚Nurturing the Divine Seed‘,
in englischer Sprache

39. Europäischer Weltkongress
04. - 08.08.2020 in York, England, mit dem Thema: 'Healing oneself, healing the World'
Informationen unter:; und


Weltkongress in Singapur vom 4. - 9. August 2018, siehe:

The School of the Wisdom in Adyar 2018/2019
(nur für Mitglieder; Anmeldung über die GS erforderlich) Seminarsprache ist Englisch.

19.11. bis 30.11.: Mr. Pablo Sender, USA: 'Higher Consciousness - Its Nature and Awakenig'

03.12. bis 15.12.: Mr. Jacques Manich, Frankreich: 'Living Theosophy in 21st Century'

10.01. bis 26.01.2019: Ms. Tran-Thi-Kim-Dieu, Frankreich: 'Meditation in the Light of Theosophy'
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142. International Convention in Adyar: 'From Teachings to Insight: The Altruistic Heart'
31.12.2017 - 05.01.2018, siehe:

The School of the Wisdom in Adyar 2017/2018 (nur für Mitglieder)
20.11. bis 01.12.2017: Mr Jon Knebel, USA: 'The Spiritual Path of the Theosophical Movement'
05.12. bis 15.12.2017: Olande Ananda Thera, Sri Lanka: 'Concept and Reality'
08.01. bis 19.01.2018: Vic Hao Chin, Jr. Philippinen: 'Self-Transformation and the Spititual Life'
22.01. bis 02.02.2018: Dr. Josè Foglia, Uruguay: 'The Meditative Brain, a Challenge to the Digital Revolution'

38. Europäischer Kongress in Barcelona:
vom 21. bis 26. August 2017  
'A Way towards Universal Consciousness'

Theosophisches Zentrum in Naarden, Niederlande:
June 22-28    Seminar with Fernando de Torrijos:
                  'To Be a Lamp Into Oneself: From mindfulness to a spiritual life'
Sept. 2          Open Day at the ITC
Oct. 6-10       Retreat with Pablo Sender
Oct. 12-17     European School of Theosophy

European School of Theosophy 2017:
12. bis 17.10.17 in Naarden   Thema noch offen


European School of Theosophy 2016: 'The Mahatma Letters - H.P.B.'s Teachings andt The Path'
06. bis 11.10.16 in Salzburg, Österreich

141. International Convention in Adyar: 'Beyond Illusion: A Call to Unity'
31.12.2016 - 05.01.2017

The School of The Wisdom in Adyar (nur für Mitglieder)
Programm 2016/2017:
21 November to 2 December 2016
The Neuroscience of Meditation
Directors: Dr Bhaskar Vyas and Dr Rajni Vyas
5 to 16 December 2016
Theosophy and The Upanishads
Director: Dr Chittaranjan Satapathy
9 to 20 January 2017
Self-Transformation and the Spiritual Life
Director: Mr Vicente Hao Chin Jr.
23 January to 3 February 2017
Live Quantum, Be Happy
Director: Dr Amit Goswami



European School of Theosophy 2015: 'The great Sacrifice'
18.10. – 23.10.2015,; Woodbrooke Quaker Study Centre,1046 Bristol Road, Birmingham B29 6LJ

140. International Convention in Adyar
31.12.15 - 05.01.2016, 'Compassion and Universal Responsibility'
Mitglieder sind immer willkommen, Anmeldung beim Convention Officer, s. Webseite unten. Nicht-Mitglieder benötigen eine Einladung des Präsidenten. Anfragen werden von der Generalsekretärin in Indien eingereicht.
Nähere Informationen unter:

Die Schule der Weisheit in Adyar (nur für Mitglieder)
Programm 2015/2016:

02.11. - 13.11.2015     'The Yoga of Theosophy' Director: Mr. Pablo Sender;
16.11. – 27.11.2015     ‘Life's Deeper Aspects’ Director: Prof. R C Tampi;'s deeper-aspects
02.12. – 12.12.2015     ‘Self-Transformation and the Spiritual Life’ Director: Mr Vicente Hao Chin Jr.;
11.01. – 22.01.1016     ‘The Science of Theosophy: Foundation and Practice‘ Director: Ms Tran-Thi-Kim-Dieu;